What is Charcuterie?

Charcuterie is a French word meaning delicatessen when translated to English. Defined as dressed meats and items sold from a delicatessen shop, the word stems from 15th century France and was originally used to describe the shops that sold pork meats. Charcuterie boards and hampers have become very popular in recent years and, among other scrumptious things, they generally consist of cured meats, cheeses and olives. 

Traditional Charcuterie is eaten with alcohol pairings – typically wine. The salty meats such as prosciutto go brilliantly with a sparkling white wine but traditionally, full-bodied red wines are drunk with Charcuterie. 

Why has it become popular?

A recent increase in demand for Charcuterie could be for many reasons. Not only are the boards and hampers filled with different meats and delicious cheeses, but they’re also incredibly photogenic. 

It might seem strange to describe a wooden board covered in salami and cheese as photogenic, but they really do look lovely. With the different textures, colours and flavours, a well-taken photo is enough to make anyone’s mouth water.  

Charcuterie boards and plates are especially versatile. They’re a great addition to any romantic date night, an enticing centrepiece of a family picnic, or just a delightful afternoon snack!

The pandemic effect.

Throughout 2020 and the beginning of 2021, supermarkets reported a dramatic increase in those shopping for items found on a Charcuterie board. Delicious artisan goods have become something many look out for in order to support small businesses that ultimately provide products that taste better and contain fewer additives. At Letter Box Hamper, we provide only British goods from small businesses. 

During the pandemic, many people were looking to enjoy themselves and get a restaurant-feeling dinner at home. Charcuterie boards are great for making any event or dinner time feel that extra bit special. 

The benefits of our Charcuterie hamper.

#1 Our letter box hampers are filled to the brim with heavenly British produce.

Our Charcuterie hamper contains an array of delicious British produce such as hams, dry-cured Cornish venison, Salami, and nuts. 

# 2 No need to refrigerate.  

Our luxury meats and nibbles are prepared and stored in an ambient environment so there’s no need for them to be refrigerated. This makes them perfect for picnics or even just a delicious nibble on a long journey. 

# 3 There are so many options!

With so many options to choose from, sometimes one hamper just isn’t quite enough. That’s why we offer a 3-month subscription option. Either treat yourself or a loved one to three months of Charcuterie goodies with our 3-month foodie subscription. All of our hampers come with free gift wrapping and standard delivery. 

Take a look at our foodie subscription option today to find out exactly what you will receive!