There are few gifts as versatile as those that excite the sweet tooth. For the sweet lovers among us, they’re welcome gifts for almost every occasion! 

If you’re struggling with gift ideas on a special occasion, a letterbox hamper is a delightful option. But what if you already have the idea for the gift, but need an occasion to give it? 

To that end, this list of 15 events on which to give a sweets gift hamper to a special someone will give you just the excuse you need to sow some taste-filled joy into their lives.

When should I give a sweets gift hamper?


We’ll start with an obvious one: birthdays! Mark your friend’s or family member’s special day with a delightful surprise through their letterbox. Letterbox hampers also come gift-wrapped, so are perfect for the occasion.

Moving house

A sweets gift hamper will make for a delectable and memorable housewarming gift. Nothing seals a new home like starting to receive post at your address – so mark a loved one’s move with a thoughtful bit of mail.

Valentines Day

Giving that special someone some sweet treats is an age-old way of saying ‘I love you’ – there’s a reason sweets are a go-to Valentines gift! For long-distance couples or those who want to just surprise each other, a letterbox hamper is a wonderful option.

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Celebrated on the 17th of February every year, Random Acts of Kindness Day is a lesser-known but brilliant opportunity to delight a friend (or even a stranger!) with a delicious food hamper.

A gentle and timely pick-me-up

Of course, acts of kindness don’t need to be random. If a loved one needs a bit of lovin’, a foodie hamper is a great way to send them your regards if you’re too far away to be with them in person.


Another internationally celebrated day with close ties to sweet treats, Easter is an ideal opportunity to send a sweets gift hamper. The Chocolate Lovers Letter Box Hamper in particular is perfect for Easter.

Mothering Sunday/Father’s Day

Championing the mothers and fathers in our lives with thoughtful gifts is possible even if you don’t live near them. Letterbox gift hampers provide us with just such an opportunity to celebrate the parental figures among us!

Best Friends Day/International Friendship Day

Did you know there are 2 annual days to mark special friendships? They fall on the 8th of June and 30th of July respectively and are excellent occasions to send our regards to loved ones with some tangible treats.

Reaching noteworthy career milestones

Has a special someone just had a promotion or landed their dream job? Send them your regards with a hamper – you can even create your own to tailor it to their tastes or the occasion.

World Chocolate Day

As if we needed a reason to indulge in chocolatey goodness! World Chocolate Day is celebrated on the 7th of July every year and is the perfect excuse to share some happiness with the chocolate lovers you know.

World Food Day

A more general one, but World Food Day (16th of October) is also a great occasion on which to inject some sugary goodness into a special day. Both the Chocolate Lovers Letter Box Hamper and Retro Sweets Letter Box Hamper are great sweet hampers to coincide with a day dedicated to enjoying good food!


Arguably one of the best occasions to send some sweets to loved ones is Halloween. There’re no tricks here – just some yummy treats to mark a confectionary-rich occasion.

World Kindness Day

Just like Random Acts of Kindness Day, the 13th of November is another day centred around kindness. The more we have, the better we say; it’s another excuse to send a care package to our loved ones.

Wishing someone luck 

Show support to someone who’s about to embark on a new journey or take a scary step into unknown territory. A ‘care package’ will let them know you’re thinking about them – and you can even customise it to match their tastes, too.


This one needs no introduction. Our sweets gift hampers are ready to be placed under the tree thanks to their thoughtful wrapping. Embrace some quick, easy and convenient gift-giving to loved ones regardless of their location!

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