British Charcuterie Letter Box Hamper


Beautifully wrapped in traditional parcel paper, with twine and ink stamps, this special edition hamper includes the very finest cured meats sourced from across the UK. These luxury meats and nibbles are prepared and stored in an ambient environment and do not need to be refridgerated. 

The letter box gift hamper contains:

A personalised card with the recipient's name and your personal message.

  • Deli Farm Charcuterie Fiocco ham, traditionally dry cured in a blend of salts, herbs and spices, smoked with apple wood before being slowly air dried.
  • Deli Farm Charcuterie Bresaola, made with Cornish venison traditionally dry cured in a blend of salts, herbs and spices, then slowly air dried.
  • Serious Pig Classic Ham - Tender slices of air-dried British pork infused with caraway, fennel, coriander and black pepper, cured and air-dried in the traditional way.
  • Roasted Watermelon Seeds by Mello Seeds. Delicious and naturally high in protein, fibre and iron.
  • Smoked snacking almonds.
  • Serious Pig Snacking Salami - prepared from the finest British pork, chilli and smoked paprika, delivering a sharp piquancy and a deep, rich flavour. 60g

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