Vegan friendly Letter Box Hamper


The Vegan-Friendly Letter Box Hamper is filled with treats that are entirely safe for vegans and vegetarians. We've searched across the UK's finest food and drink producers to create a luxury little gift hamper which contains vegan only produce, so you can treat someone without having to worry about the contents. 

All of our hampers are carefully wrapped by hand, using beautiful, traditional packaging, parcel paper, twine and ink stamps. 

This Letter Box Hamper contains: 

  • Wholey Moley cacao and orange 100% natural cookie, no refined sugars and 5g plant protein. Vegan.
  • Cambrook's hickory smoked and roasted almonds. Vegan. 80g pack. 
  • Keto vegan coconut-based cacao macaroons, perfect for those on a low carb Keto lifestyle, containing powerful antibioxidants which increase energy levels, boosts your mood and reduces stress levels. Vegan.
  • Jealous Tangy Worms vegan sweets made with natural ingredients, free from artificial colours and preservatives. Vegan.
  • Enjoy Chocolate's Delightfully Dark raw cacao vegan chocolate, with a higher concentration of cacao butter to powder which results in creaminess without bitterness. Vegan, Organic, dairy free, gluten free, no refined sugar. 
  • Ollie's Olives - Green Halkidiki Olives dressed in a mouth-watering concoction of basil, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Vegan.

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Free gift wrapping, we wrap all hampers by hand, using beautiful, traditional packaging, parcel paper, twine and ink stamps.

Simple, free letter box friendly delivery anywhere in the UK. International delivery available.

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